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What You Need to Know About Electrum Bitcoin Wallet: Installation, Validation and Two-Factor Authentication

To start using Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin wallet (and some bitcoins). Read on for steps to install and setup Electrum, or use this guide as a reference for installing another Software Wallet.

download electrum bitcoin wallet


Next, you will be able to choose a password to encrypt your wallet. This password will help protect your bitcoins if someone gains access to your computer or copies your wallet file. This password will NOT be required to restore the wallet from the backup seed, though.

The downloads page provides two links: the first leads to the software package you downloaded and the second leads to a signature file. Using the appropriate software, this signature file can be used to verify the authenticity of the software you downloaded. This step should be considered mandatory for any wallet that will hold significant money. A series of posts will describe how to verify the signature of an Electrum download on Mac, Windows, and Linux systems.

Before continuing, verify that your current wallet contains only a small amount of bitcoin (or testnet bitcoin) that you would not be upset about losing. Also verify that you have access to your seed in written form.

This is an advantage over some other Bitcoin wallets which are affected by this: if the third-party server were ever compromised, all of the users' bitcoins could be stolen. There is also the possibility that the third-party could lose a user's private keys or walk away with them.

Now you shall have a new Electrum bitcoin address, which you can see in the Receive tab. Contrary to Bitcoin Core, Electrum requires no local copy of the blockchain, so you can starting sending and receiving bitcoin right away. Your Electrum wallet configuration will be saved at /.electrum/ directory.

To import your bitcoins from Bitcoin Core client, you need to open the Electrum install wizard by selecting the File menu and then click New/Restore. It will prompt you to create a new wallet file. Simply click Next.

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After entering the private key, click Next button. You can then optionally enter a password to encrypt the wallet file. Finally, Electrum will display the transaction history of the imported Bitcoin address and you can now send and receive bitcoins in Electrum.

Note that you still can use Bitcoin Core client to send and receive bitcoins with the same address, because the Bitcoin Core client still stores the private key. If you want to allow only Electrum to use the address, you need to delete the wallet.dat file in the Bitcoin Core data directory, which effectively deletes the private key from Bitcoin core client.

I hope this tutorial helped you to install Electrum bitcoin wallet on your Linux distribution. As always, if you found this post useful, then Subscribe to our free newsletter to get more tips and tricks. Take care ?

ElectrumX is the latest iteration of general purpose Electrum servers. Written in Python, it tries to be as efficient as possible to keep synchronization times low. ElectrumX is able to serve thousands of clients at once, it is suited to be an always-on server that contributes to bitcoin. Make sure that the version of ElectrumX you download supports Bitcoin. As of May 2020 some versions of ElectrumX only support altcoins.

Electrum Personal Server has a different approach to a normal server. It is intended to be used by a single person only. Instead of creating a database of every transaction and address ever used on the bitcoin blockchain, Electrum Personal Server only tracks the user's own wallets. This allows it to be much more efficient with resources, it does not need any extra data files and is compatible with Bitcoin Core's pruning feature.

Electrum focuses on offering a no-frills Bitcoin storage experience that is best for those looking for fast and secure Bitcoin trading. As such, setting up your Electrum Bitcoin wallet account is easy. You must download the free app from the Electrum website or the Google Play Store, set up two-factor authentication, create a new wallet and set your password.

The Electrum software wallet is free and users can download the mobile wallet from the Google Play store and the desktop wallet from the official website. There are no fees to set up your Bitcoin wallet. But, as with other crypto wallets, Bitcoin charges a variable fee for each transaction.

Electrum is the Bitcoin wallet recommended by the official Bitcoin website ( for Linux users who are starting to pĺay with bitcoins, so they are looking for an easy-to-use wallet, but also for those who want some more advanced features, such as Lightning Network support and integration with hardware wallets. Electrum allows you to easily recover your wallet from a secret phrase (seed).

Finally, you can delete the electrum folder containing the source code, if you want. As the wallet has been installed on the system, this folder is not needed for everyday use. However, I recommend keeping it, as it may make it easier to update Electrum in the future.

Regardless of the installation method you have chosen, to start the Electrum Bitcoin wallet, click Activities, by the upper-left corner of the screen, type electrum and click its icon:

Electrum is a lightweight wallet that is designed to be easy to use while also maintaining a high level of security. Electrum is a client based wallet which means that in order to use it you need to download and install it on your computer. The Electrum wallet supports MacOS, Windows, and Linus operating systems.

Sweeping private keys means to send all the bitcoins they control toan existing address in your wallet. The private keys you sweep do notbecome a part of your wallet. Instead, all the bitcoins they controlare sent to an address that has been deterministically generated fromyour wallet seed.

If this happens, you should consolidate your transaction inputs bysending smaller amounts of bitcoins to one of your wallet addresses;this would be the equivalent of exchanging a stack of nickels for adollar bill.

Newer versions of Electrum are available for download. At the time of writing this, there were similar instructions to what @Vlastimil posted, but slightly altered for version 3.0, available here on the website.

However, Electrum wallet admins expect that the cybercriminals may launch a new attack soon. The attackers may use a different Github repository or a new link redirecting to another download page, as the vulnerability exploited by the hackers to conduct the attacks, remains unpatched.

When users initiate a bitcoin transaction and if the transaction reaches one of these malicious servers, an error message is displayed to