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Cooper Roberts
Cooper Roberts

How to Install and Use PPSSPP APK on Your Android Phone

Never dowload the latest version because i hate how different about the screen layout setting theres no grid anymore so i prefer dowload the ppsspp gold v1.13.2 theres no reason to downlad the latest one its getting shity about the updates stupid ass devs that just gonna keep changing the screen and control setting its getting more confusing

If you want to play your favorite Psp games on your Android device, you must descargar ppsspp gold apk. This emulator has more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store. It works just like the real thing, so you'll never know which one is better, because you'll always have the best graphics. With a minimum of 4GB RAM, you can play any PlayStation game on your Android phone.

ppsspp apk

Thanks a lot for this. I actually had PPSSPP blue in my mobile before. Then I went through the post of difference between ppsspp gold vs old version and then I find out why it's worth downloading PPSSPP Gold. Your post is as well great to read.


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