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Mental health are just like waves

“Happiness comes in waves but so does sadness.”

“Feelings are much like waves, We can’t stop them from coming, But we can choose which one to surf.”

It’s sounds weird to put this into perspective. But your mental health is just like the ocean, it can have good days and bad days, sometimes more than some. Sometimes your day can be both. Your mood and mental health are just like the waves , they can be up and down and it can change throughout the whole day at anytime

The days will be sometimes calm and positive and running smoothly, Your able to do things that make you happy and you enjoy. Full of laughter and joy. Your able to create so many happy memories that will stay in your mind forever.

But, However, sometimes this may not be the case as some days it will be a struggle. It can get to the point where you are struggling and when we think back to the waves, it’s getting to the point where to the point where it’s all going to come crashing down so quickly , it’s happened in them quick seconds and quicker than the build up was. This is exactly the same as what was happening in your mind.

Your now in the position where you don’t know what to do afterwards, your feeling; hopeless, scared, upset, emotional, angry, weak… but these are okay. Everyone has these days where it all gets too much and it all just crashes down.

Just know when this happens, you will and need to see how strong you are and reflect on that. Your emotions are relevant and it’s good to talk about what you are feeling or what thoughts you have. You can talk to anyone you want about how you feeling and you are never alone

There is help out there for you so many support numbers and your friends and family, employers , teacher, emergency services and so many more.

Now remember, no matter how big and scary things are at the moment and you know it’s about to come crashing down. Just know people are always there and you are amazing.

Love Spencer x

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