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September 2021

Hi everyone , I just thought I’d write a update on my mental health. The last few weeks for me have been very busy and I’ve been very busy and active with my job and it’s been good to be back.

Being back at work it helps me… it’s a way for me to be distracted and keeps my mind busy and occupied and helps my anxiety levels and my moods. When I’m working it helps me in a way to slightly switch off from the levels of anxiety I would have when I’m at home or have nothing to do that day and when I’m at work, I’ve realised my mind is so occupied that throughout the day I’m not over thinking as much or getting worried easily.

There’s been a few wobbles recently… I’ve found change really difficult at the minute with so much changing in the world everyday and small things in my life e.g a routine change takes a lot for me to adapt to after doing it for so long makes me take 1 step back.

But change is good but change is also different


Recently, I’ve started to listen to a 5 minute relaxation meditation when I have free time…. Sometimes I might do this in the morning or at lunchtime or in the evening and i really find it helps me take a breathe and calms me down and help remove some of the negativity thoughts and in a way it helps me refresh my mind for the rest of the day.

If you want a link for some of the meditations please comment below ⬇️ or message me :)

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