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Update 8th August 2021

Hey, I just thought I’d give a update on my mental health. Over the few weeks I’ve been active and inactive. I struggled the last few weeks with different waves of anxiety and some have been longer than others and I’ve struggled with motivation and motivating myself☀️

Some days have been amazing but aswell

some days have been mentally tough and scary for me.

There’s been nights more and more recently where I’ve cried myself to sleep due to my thoughts and worrying about certain things to the point where I feel sick. One thing that’s helped me is knowing that I have something I love and care about to wake up too and this doesn’t have to be something amazing, it could just be an activity that I have planned or going to my favourite place or seeing family but I know that if I feel sad I can talk to someone I care about and they’ve been there the last few weeks and it just really shows we all have good days and bad days ❤️

Love S ❤️

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