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Thank you for taking your time to go and look on my page, it really means a lot.

This is my first blog / post. I don’t really know what to put in these but I’m going to try to help me and help you.

I’m going to introduce myself to you. So, Hello my name is Spencer Neville, But you can call me Spencer, Spence or anything you like. I was born on the 6th November.

So let’s get straight to it. I’ve always struggled with anxiety and I’ve been a over-thinker for aslong as I can remember and a highly emotional individual.... But that is okay and nothing is wrong with being emotional or sad.

There’s one thing I’ve learnt throughout my life is that people will love and support you no matter what you are going through. It may be hard to talk about what is going on inside your head or what’s going on at school, college, work etc..... I know it’s a cliché saying now to say it’s good to talk but it really is the best thing to talk to people about how you are feeling and it does increase your mood as you will feel a slight relief and less weight on your shoulders.

3 words that describe you and I know just by you taking your time to look at my website and even reading this blog about me introducing myself is that. You are





Love Spencer x

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